Mat Morgan's Episode review | September 29, 2001 - Season Premiere

Wow, my first review. I'm feeling all… tingly and stuff. Ooops, wait, my foot's asleep. Okay, that's better. So, anyway, the host is Reese Witherspoon, who my younger sister idolizes, and Alicia Keys, who my younger sister idolizes. Greeeeeat. Anyways, let's get to the worthless filler crap!

WEIRD FACT THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED BEFORE: Two SNL Cast Members have married SNL Band Leaders (Gilda Radner & Michael O'Donoghue). Both are dead.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "What? I'm dead? Nobody informed me of this!" ~ George Washington

PREDICTIONS: Chris Kattan will leave after this season. He has a movie career going for him, and he doesn't need SNL anymore. Unlike Will Ferrell, who is needed for his impeccable G. Dummy (George W. Bush) impersonation, Kattan has no real reason to return.

Now, on to the actual review…

OPENING - Sad, yes. I was going to give it a B, but the mayor and Lorne's chemistry and humor bring this up to an A. GRADE: A-

THEME - Oooh, Don Pardo slipped. I found this funny, The old veteran's finally showing his age.

MONOLOGUE - Um… yeah. Okay. Er, not funny. It really had barely anything. But it got a giggle from me, so it wasn't THAT bad, I guess. GRADE: D+

PREPERATION H IS JIGGITY JIGGITY JELLY - INCREDIBLY FUNNY first skit of the season. Dean Edwards looks like he'll make a great replacement for Jerry Minor. GRADE: A+

WAKE UP WAKEFIELD - First recurring sketch of the season, this was a decently funny satire of what happens when kids host shows. All that horrible acting… Eww. Reese was funny, I guess, but Maya and Rachel were great in this sketch. GRADE: B-

THE LITTLE MERMAID - Oh dear god. This was a little funny, but it mainly scared me. It scared my dog also. If something can scare my dog, then it must really be weird. GRADE: C-

ALICIA KEYS - Okay, I shouldn't be reviewing this, but I will anyway. I seriously dislike Alicia Keys. Her music's okay, but she did STEAL a VMA from Sum41. Okay, I'm acting up. I'll just give this a C and move on. GRADE: C

WEEKEND UPDATE - This is what I've been looking forward to all day. Every joke was hilarious, no matter how controversial. Well, maybe not the Janet Reno one… Jesse Jackson's commentary was weird and funny. It's a pity that Jerry Minor isn't here, we could be treated to his Al Sharpton impression. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon have really proven themselves to be good WU anchors, in my opinion. GRADE: A

THE CULPS - Yup, they're back. I've always found these skits very, very weird, but reasonably funny. A great medley this time around, too. GRADE: B+

CELEBRITY JEOPARDY! YAY! - Quite possibly my favorite current recurring sketch (Now that Rap Street is dead and gone), Jeopardy is always deliriously funny. SEAN CONNERY! YES! Both MAD TV and SNL have taken shots at Chris Tucker. MAD TV's was better. GRADE: A-

ALICIA KEYS - I really didn't care. GRADE: C

REALLY DUMB BABY SKETCH - Kill me. Just kill me now. OH. THERE'S Tracy Morgan. I was worried. GRADE: F

VERSACE SINGS FOR THE CHILDREN - I could feel my brain cells dying. It was still funny at certain points, but it was torture mostly. GRADE: D+

And so Season 27 begins. None of my split-personalities got in the way of this review. Damn, maybe next time.

PERFORMER OF THE NIGHT: Darrell Hammond, what with his delightful impersonations. Everyone else were about the same, humour-wise.

BEST SKETCH: Preperation H is Jiggity Jiggity Jelly

WORST SKETCH: That Baby Thing

See you next week, where I might have some split personalities commentating or some junk! I'm Mat Morgan, bidding you adieu! G'night, everybody!